Founded in 1979 the SCBI is the premier club in the UK for anglers targeting a range of the most sporting gamefish in the world. Our members seek out the most challenging angling opportunities available, from the furthest flung corners of the globe to at home here in the UK and Europe, in both salt and freshwater.

At the heart of the Club DNA is our belief in, and commitment to, sustainable sporting fisheries, supporting local communities in what are often underdeveloped, fragile environments.

We pursue a Catch and Release policy with regard to vulnerable species, and support scientific tagging programs where they can be of benefit to our knowledge of the species.

We welcome new members from all backgrounds and walks of life from the UK and elsewhere. Our quarry do not discriminate against their pursuers, and our Club echoes that in its approach to membership.

Experience is also not an obstacle. Whether an experienced ‘globe trotting’ Big Game angler or a newcomer to our sport, all are welcome o site da empresa.

The Club offers members access to a wealth of unbiased knowledge, discounted tackle & fishing opportunities – overseas and also, for fly fishers, on Hampshire’s iconic River Test – and aims to demystify and facilitate access to what at times can, wrongly be seen as an elitist pursuit.